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Last Updated: 3/16/2022 6:27 PM

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In-person voting will occur on Tuesday, November 2nd and the ballot proposal reads:



  • Shall Yale Public Schools, St. Clair and Sanilac Counties, Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed Fifteen Million Eight Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars ($15,810,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds therefore, for the purpose of remodeling school buildings?



If you need to register to vote or want more information on the ballot language

  • You can register to vote in person with their local clerk October 19th-November 2nd.  (Must have proof of residency)
  • The last day to register to vote in any manner other than in-person with the local clerk is October 18th.
  • Voters will be able to go on to find their polling location, view the ballot, and see what those hours are for the weekend prior for their local clerk, if they would like to register to vote or obtain an AV ballot.  
  • All information regarding the November election will be available 45 days prior at


If you are interested in voting with an absentee ballot:

  • Absentee ballots are issued by the voters home jurisdiction, so if you live in Brockway, you must go to Brockway for your absentee voting ballot.
  • The last day to obtain an absentee voting ballot by mail is October 29th.
  • If you’re voting using an absentee ballot you can obtain a ballot at the local clerk’s office on November 1st until 4 pm if the clerk is available.


If you’re voting in person:

  • Each voting jurisdiction or voting precinct (see below) within the Yale school district will have to be open the day of the election from 7 am-8pm to register voters if need be and for emergency absentee voting.
  • The St. Clair County Clerk's office will send  postcards the first week in September, notifying voters that their polling location has changed.


Host: Yale City- Contact Person- Ashley Aldea 810-387-3311

Polling Location: Yale City Hall, 111 West Mechanic Street

The following jurisdictions/townships that will be voting with Yale City:

Brockway- Contact Person- Robert Kammer 810-387-3375

Fremont- Contact Person- Reta Gardner 810-304-5653

Lynn- Contact Person- Annette Ferrett 810-387-3358

Speaker-Contact Person- Dawn Cubitt 810-404-9768


Host: Greenwood Township-Contact Person-Sonya O’Brien 810-387-4044

Polling Location: Greenwood Township Hall, 9025 Yale Road

The following jurisdictions/townships that will be voting with Greenwood Township:

Clyde- Contact Person- Kathleen Turner 810-985-7258

Grant- Contact Person- Nancy Sharum 810-327-6775

Wales- Contact Person- Cynthia Bobcean 810-325-1517


Host: Kenockee Township-Brenda Hill 810-324-6126

Polling Location: Kenockee Township Hall, 4420 Kilgore Road, Avoca

The following jurisdictions/townships that will be voting with Kenockee:

Emmett-Contact Person-Beverly Brown 810-384-8070

Riley-Contact Person- Dawn Behem 810-392-2326


Kurt Sutton – Superintendent


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